Jon Shiring of Respawn Entertainment is going to be talking about online game servers and system design, as well as what it took to create a popular (scalable) online multiplayer game in the cloud with Titanfall. He will be covering:

  • Client vs datacenter hosted servers, bandwidth, server CPU, and why it matters
  • Cloud vs “bare metal” hosting for games
  • How Titanfall used the Azure cloud and Xbox Live Compute to exclusively power a AAA online game
  • How Respawn’s custom backend allows cloud servers to fluidly scale up and down
  • How Titanfall’s matchmaking works
  • The value of speed in updating an online game
  • Patching a live game with no scheduled downtime
  • How game certification on patches can create worse experiences, and how you can benefit by sidestepping certification

Where: (map) https://goo.gl/pauYMi 

When: 6-8pm

Cost: Free


About Jon:
jon_headshot_belgiumAfter graduating from Virginia Tech in 2000, Jon started working in games in 2001. Fairly in-over-his-head, he managed to ship a multiplayer-only game called Savage: The Battle for Newerth in 2003 at S2 Games, and then joined Infinity Ward in 2004. At Infinity Ward he worked almost exclusively on multiplayer and shipped Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2. In 2010, Jon and large group of Infinity Ward employees started Respawn Entertainment, where he is now a Lead Programmer. He shipped Titanfall in 2014 on Xbox One and PC, which used a massive amount of Azure cloud-based servers to host the game servers. He is eager to talk about Titanfall’s online tech and ready to answer your meanest questions as best as he can.

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