By Spencer Martin (14yrs old!)
Sponsors: RBTC and Rackspace
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In this class, Spencer will take you through the basics of programming the RaspberryPi (2B+), a very popular, credit card sized,  single-board Linux computer system. First we will get our laptops to connect to this tiny computer’s graphical desktop over wireless, then step you through the basics of programming on it in python. After the basics are out of the way, then the fun really begins.  We will show how to attach and blink a LED, then attach and read a temperature probe, then hook up and display the temperature on a dedicated seven-segment LED display hooked to the unit’s GPIO port. If we get all that working, then start doing even cooler things by connecting it to the internet!

All ages from 9 and up are welcome.  For kids under 16, we do ask the parents stay if possible.

RSVP tickets are only required for those who wish to use one of our RaspberryPi kits. Please do not bring your own RaspberryPis, but do bring a laptop with a VNC



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