n00bs:  If you’ve never created an encryption keypair before (required  
before step-1), then you’ll first want to follow these easy step by step
directions for creating a solid set of encryption and signing keys.
(one should do this from the command line to grok what’s going on)

  1. RSVP Link: https://keyparty.vtcsec.org/ (please paste, do not type, your key fingerprint)
  2. Bring two forms of photo ID (one must be state/government issued)
  3. Print and bring the fingerprints roster:  https://keyparty.vtcsec.org/fingerprints.html (after verifying your own fingerprint is correct)

NOTE: Please do not bring a laptop. We do not actually sign keys at the party,
but only match and verify keys to identification. You will take home your
fingerprints paper sheet to download,
double check and sign all keys from home.



For the uninitiated, strong encryption is what allows one to secure their personal files, communications and papers. For example, if one wants to be able to email themselves or loan officers sensitive banking documents, correspond with the press or international co-horts securely, or just use strong encryption to protect personal files from prying eyes on their laptop or  thumb drive, then strong encryption is key.  Personal strong encryption is also what allows people like Edward Snowden, political dissidents, or other oppressed persons to securely communicate and prove the authenticity of their communications ( through authentication and non-repudiation) via “digital signatures“.

Keysigning is the action of one entity or person to validate (or sign) the public encryption key of another, therefore validating their identity as to be trusted.  The more keys you sign and who sign your key, the more “connections” you have to trust by extension.  Keysigning parties are the backbone activity required for those who desire to have/utilize this Web-of-Trust, to be used along with personal strong encryption.


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