IMG_9638_cEver year Rackspace Blacksburg supports an international team in the VT KnowledgeWorks Global Student Challenge. This year we hosted and worked with “Team eLog“, a couple of young UK entrepreneurs who had the idea of creating a software app and back-end system to help international refugees and immigrants track the voyage from their home land to their destination country.  It’s been determined that almost 90% of refugees actually have and use smart phones. This being the case, the would-be-immigrant simply downloads the eLog app,  inputs their vital stats, state and personal ID, birth certificates and documents.. and then uses the app to track their voyage to their destination. Once arriving at the destination country’s immigration or refugee processing office, they grant the immigration office access to their eLog account, GPS tagged travel history, country of origin, travel photos and other journey data, thus greatly reducing the work and delays of immigration processing while saving the destination country much of the time and labor of traditional paper-trail tracking and security checks.

IMG_9568_ccRackspace helped team eLog refine their pitch, think about other revenue models, and how to present their app as not just a war-time, distressed-country refugee tracking tool, but also as a peace time tool for moving standard immigrant documentation services from the 20th century into the 21st century paperless/GPS based journey and personal-ID documentation.


Is that someone’s upside down head (bottom)?

After the competition and awards ceremony, eLog along with all the other international (and US) college teams all came back to Racksburg to party down and mingle with our local young professionals group. It was an awesome, rocking party that ended up being super eclectic (music wise) and a lot of fun.

If you’re interested in being a host company for a VT KnowledgeWorks student team, or would personally like to be a host family and invite a team into your home late next summer, contact the VT KnowledgeWorks folks and let them know. It’s a really fun and enlightening experience, not just for the students but for everyone involved.



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