As I commit my changes to our team github repository, my droopy eyes tell me its time for my coffee. I pause the streaming music, remove my headphones and walk towards the closest of the four fueling stations in our office.  I can hear my teammates discuss colorful kibana graphs that fill up our team television monitors. A teammate expresses his preference for the dashing framework, which sparks an animated banter of technical discussions. I pour myself a generous cup of coffee and look outside to see a little yellow airplane land at the Virginia Tech Airport. Warm sun, clear sky, lush greens, beautiful mountains, summer definitely is close. Walking back to my cube, I see my teammates have dispersed from the dashboard discussion, some back to building awesome Rackspace Cloud Office apps and others off for a Ping-Pong break. High on caffeine, I get back to figuring out my next chef recipe.


Racksburg (Rackspace + Blacksburg) gives you the platform to build awesomeness and at the same time provides ample benefits to balance work with your personal interests. Local gym memberships, bring your dog to work everyday, family outings, summer cookouts, holiday parties, community service, technical conferences, hackathons, tech talks, stem outreach programs are just some of the opportunities here that help you grow both professionally and personally.

This diverse and open work culture is precisely the reason why I love being part of Racksburg. If you want to experience the same make sure to check out our  job openings.



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